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MindMixer Moving HQ to KCMO

A little over three years ago, Nathan and I started MindMixer with a simple goal. We wanted to help cities improve community engagement. We didn’t think twice about choosing to start the company in Omaha. We both grew up here, both of our families live here and we are both very proud to consider Omaha home.


In a short time, the company has grown a lot. We have increased the number of organizations we work with to nearly 700 across the country, as well as broadened the scope of the platform beyond what we ever imagined. In addition to the original intent to help cities connect better with residents, the platform now connects schools with parents, universities with alumni, healthcare organizations with patients and companies with their employees.

Equally as important, nearly 50 people are now a part of our pursuit of better engagement. We agreed to find and hire only the very best people, and some of those folks ended up being in Lincoln and Kansas City. So, we adapted by opening two more offices. Co-location certainly hasn’t been easy, but it also wasn’t detrimental to our success.

However, as the company continues to grow, we have had to think critically about our infrastructure and its relationship to achieving our goals. Does co-location give us the best chance at success? Do any or all of our current office locations offer a talent pipeline that allows us to grow to 150 people? Can we maintain our company culture across office locations?

After much discussion, debate and consideration, we’ve decided that our best chance at success requires we consolidate to a single office in a place that allows the company to continue growing and attracting the best and brightest. Tangibly, this means the MindMixer team will relocate to our current Kansas City office.

The team is excited to be under one roof and reap the benefits that come with working closely together every day. Over the course of the next three to four months, team members from Omaha and Lincoln will make their way south. Both communities will continue to be important and special places to the company and we hope to still be involved in their growing technology ecosystems.

While the decision is bittersweet in many ways, we are incredibly excited to still call the Silicon Prairie home and believe this move will only have a positive impact for our company, clients and participants.

– Nick

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Nick Bowden

Nick Bowden

Founder, Chief Engagement Officer

As Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of MindMixer, Nick Bowden wears whatever hat he needs on any given day in order to help MindMixer build better communities.