MindMixer has evolved.

We took everything we learned from community builders like you, and used it to build a new community just for you.

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About MindMixer

Our mission is to build better communities by involving people in the things they care about.

In 2010, after one too many sparsely attended public meetings, urban planners Nick Bowden and Nathan Preheim had a novel idea: What if people could attend public meetings anytime, anywhere? What if they could provide their input and make their communities better online?

The idea took off and evolved. Since then, MindMixer has worked with hundreds of organizations to build stronger relationships between civic places and the people who love them through transparent, meaningful and productive interactions.

Our Culture

Walk into MindMixer’s office and ask anyone about his or her job. Before you learn what the job is, you’ll learn the why. Why MindMixer exists, and why each of us is here. A few enthusiastic minutes later, you might learn exactly what it is that we do.

But it’s that emphasis on the why that has helped us grow our team. It’s the why that convinced many of us to leave Nebraska and come together in Kansas City, start fresh and commit ourselves to our mission.

It’s the why that has us coming in early, staying late, working from our couches on the weekends and smiling the whole time.

The why informs our core company values: Hopeful, Relentless, Community-focused, Collaborative and If not us, then who?


At the end of the day, we live by our why. We believe people care about their communities, the same way we care about our workplace community. We help people work together to build better communities, the same way we work together to make MindMixer a more fun place to be. We aspire to have the best work culture in the Midwest.